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gate valve lapping procedure


B) The action switching procedure is described in Section 7. 2. Storage A) Do not throw, drop, trip or drag control valves when transporting them. B) Keep all parts of the control valve in a well-ventilated place protected from fire, rain and wind. Store the valve at a temperature between - …

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Oct 11, 2017· FLUIDCHEM's Portable Valve Lapping Machine with Self Centering Jaw System for Globe & Safety Valve - Duration: 2:46. FLUIDCHEM Valves 1,280 views

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Gate Valves Lubricate the spindlethreading portion and operate the valve 23 times Procedure for repairs to seat and wedgeplug surface Rectification of seat surface is same as specified in Gate and Globe Valve After lapping disc seat ring assemble the hingebracketdisc assembly as . Valve Lapping and Grinding Equipment Dupill Group Companies

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Component/Material: Gate Valve & Seat. The gate and seat were both supplied in a ground condition. A work-holder was made so that the gate would rotate within the conditioning ring when lapping. No additional pressure was added to the gate and using the recommended process, a stock removal rate of 0.5µm / minute was achieved.

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Reseating & lapping 11 High stress areas 11 8 Troubleshooting 12 9 Disposal 13 ... Valves. The procedures described in this manual show effective methods for performing the aforementioned ... located on the valve-body of all globe and check valves, and possibly for gate valves, is …


through 12 and continue with the lapping procedure using the "P" compound in step 13. Step 15: As part of the final inspection, measure the nozzle seat width with the 7x measuring magnifier according to the valve manufacturer's instructions, if any. SUCCESS STRATEGIES Keep the following in mind when lapping valve discs or nozzle seats:


It is recommended that the face of the disc be blued to check for contact of seating surface after final lapping. For re-assembly of valves use the procedure outlined under para. 2.4. STORAGE, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES GATE VALVE "O.S." & "Y" (CONTINUED)

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Oct 31, 2016· correct assembly procedure for the Perolo 3 / ND80 Atco ball valve. Flowserve Control Valve Maintenance Training. This is an instructional video on how to maintenance the SS705 Butterfly Valve.

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NEED OF LAPPING FOR VALVE COMPONENT. Valve lapping is a essential part of maintenance work that often interrupt production work. Repairing leaking valve in industry is a laborious operation involving extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted cost. The given figure shows different parts of a gate valve. COMPONENT THAT REQUIRE ...

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The Larslap range of portable industrial valve grinders offered by Kemet are a patented design concept that are a proven solution for on-site valve reconditioning. Repairing leaking valves in industrial pipelines is a laborious operation involving extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted costs.


C. REPAIR OF GATE VALVES . 1. Valve Disassembly. Have replacement gasket available. Shut off line pressure and remove valve from line. Unwedge the disc. Remove bonnet bolting and carefully lift bonnet assembly with disc from body. 2. Procedure for Lapping Disc. Apply Grade 80 or 120 emery cloth to flat surface. Lay disc face on abrasive and use

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Lightweight for easy handling and installation, our valve grinding and lapping machines span working ranges for gate valves from 1.3 to 39.4 inches (32 to 1000 mm). During operation, you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind pressure.

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Another supported component is valves with tapered seats. Crosshatched grinding and lapping procedures achieve the desired seat flatness. Stationary Gate/Globe valve grinding and lapping: Sold as stand-alone units, such instruments offer single point machining in addition to the grinding and lapping capability. They are designed for ...

Operation and Maintenance of different valve types

Suction valve Ring valve Plate valve Poppet valve (MT Switzerland) Suction pressure 41 bar 41 bar 41 bar Discharge pressure 79 bar 79 bar 79 bar Flow 18'100 Nm3/h 16'900 Nm3/h 18'500 Nm3/h Power losses 6.0 % 7.7 % 3.5 % A leading valve manufacturer using a „Recip-TrapTM" 9240 machinery analyser monitored the tests.


b. lubrication and maintenance of crane gate and globe valves 2 - 4 1. lubrication 2. maintenance (packing gland) 3. maintenance (injection type) c. repair of gate valves 2 - 3 1. valve disassembly 2. procedure for lapping disc 3. procedure for lapping seat ring 4. procedure for making up bonnet joint 5. reassembly d. repair of globe valves 3 1.

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MODELS: GLM 300, GLM 600, GLM 1200 Gate valve lapping machine is designed for portable uses for repairing gate valve seats In-situ. It helps in repairing leaks in gate valves avoiding long downtimes and production losses.

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Lapping has been around for as long as engine building has been around. It's a very simple, straightforward procedure. All lapping tools work in the same manner. This means the tool is attached to the valve head, lapping compound is applied to the valve seat or the valve face and the tool is rotated left and right to lap the valve to the seat.

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This article is about globe valves, the different types of valves, their characteristics and classifications. It explains the maintenance procedures, the dismantling, overhauling, and the assembly of the valves. It also discusses the different procedures by which the globe valve should be tested. It illustrates the different parts of a globe valve with an illustration.

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Aug 01, 2017· Lapping Machine for Gate Valves. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next

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Lapping tool for gate valves, gate valve wedges and check valves with flat seats, ¼"-6" (20-150mm) and OD of 3 degrees. Download Product Brochure. Model K. Globe valve and safety valves with flat seats, ¼"-6" (8-150mm) and angle seats, ¼"-6" (8-150mm), dependent on model chosen.

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A gate valve is the most common type of valve used in any process plant. It is a linear motion valve used to start or stop fluid flow. In service, these valves are either in a fully open or fully closed position. When the gate valve is fully open, the disk of a gate valve is completely removed from the flow. Therefore virtually no resistance to ...


Gate Valves ... Lubricate the spindle-threading portion and operate the valve 2/3 times. Procedure for repairs to seat and wedge/plug surface: ... Rectification of seat surface is same as specified in Gate and Globe Valve After lapping disc & seat ring, assemble the hinge/bracket/disc assembly as …


Gate Valve Grinding and Lapping machine VM1350 Machine like VM1350S but with additional lapping equip-ment: 2 sets (5 discs/set) of lapping disks 1.2" (30 mm), and 2.0"(50 mm) in diameter. Lapping paste 10 and 30 µm. 440-00S-S02 VM1350 with electric motor 230 V / 50 Hz 440-00S-S03 VM1350 with pneumatic motor 440-00S-S04 motor

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The Kemtech 15 Internal lapping machine is specially designed to accurately lap internal valve faces. This version of the reliable lapping machine will process internal faces up to 300mm (3" to 16") in diameter, producing a flatness of 0.001mm.

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07 porTABLe GrIndInG & LAppInG mAchInes unigrind VenTA options: • Lapping equipment (lapping paste and lapping disks) • Micro finishing film abrasives grit P80–1800 and 4000 • Working depth extensions • slight changes in working range • customized grinding tools • Additional tools for grinding gate valve seats with VenTA 150 in work shop

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Inspect the valve seat for an uneven seal and pitting. The valve seat should be resurfaced if it is damaged or uneven. Coat the valve face with a thin layer of Prussian blue and install the valve into the guide. Using a valve lapping tool, spin the valve in a back and forth circular motion while applying downward pressure onto the valve.

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Mrz-06 / VM1150-1200 Gate Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine Brochure.doc Page 3 of 9 Technical Data Working range DN… min 1.25" 32 mm max 8" 200 mm Submerging depth max 16" 400 mm optional 18" 450 mm Power electric 0.75 HP(0.55 kW) pneumatic 0.75 HP(0.55 kW) Variable Spindle Speed electric 100 … 550 Rev/min pneumatic 100 … 650 Rev/min

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BALL VALVE ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE GATE, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE REF. DOC.MMM.GGCH2920 Rev. 1 – March 2009 4 1. Important Features of Construction & Operation GATE VALVE Gate Valve comprises of taper wedge, situated in between two-body seat rings, having included angle of 8 to 10 range.